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Finding the Perfect Child Care Center - Blog | Kid's Educational Center

Choosing the right place for your child to attend childcare can be a delicate matter. As a parent or guardian, you care about every aspect of their wellbeing and placing them in the care of another person can be intimidating. Wake County and the surrounding areas have a lot of childcare facilities and deciding on one can be overwhelming. When choosing among them, here are some factors to consider.

Referrals and reviews

There are a few ways to find a childcare facility with a good reputation. Asking your pediatrician for a reference can reveal some good leads, as well as reaching out friends and family members who also have young kids. Another “modern” way to seek referrals is to see how a facility has been rated online by other parents. They may be strangers, but online reviews can still yield valuable information.

Schedule an in-person visit

Once you have a few leads, it’s important to go and see the facilities in person. When visiting you will be able to see for yourself what the facility looks like, how it feels, and form your impression. Take some mental notes on:

  • How clean it appears
  • How safe it seems
  • The body language and attitude of the staff
  • The number of children cared for each day each classroom
  • The types of activities the children are engaged in

Does it work for your family logistically?

A facility may have an excellent reputation and leave a great impression on you, but still may not be the right place. It’s important to consider factors like the distance from your home or work, what hours the facility is in operation compared to your work schedule, whether there is a waiting list, and the overall cost. Don’t feel bad eliminating options if they just don’t fit your situation or budget.

What are their policies and programs?

It may seem convenient if a center doesn’t ask for immunizations, but this could also put your child at risk from infected classmates. Considering how the facility operates brings up many questions of this sort. What kind of background checks do they perform on their staff? How involved are parents? What are their educational focuses? What is the primary menu they will feed your child? Questions of this kind are fundamental when determining the quality and fit of the facility.

Quality daycare & pre-school in the Triangle and eastern North Carolina

As our area grows, many new childcare companies pop up every year. Many also do not stay in business. Kids Educational Centers, on the other hand, have been a constant presence in the region since 1987. Our ongoing success is because we provide a safe, fun, and educational place for children that parents can trust. We encourage you to do your research, investigate all your options, and then do what countless other parents have done and call (877) 532-5439 to schedule an appointment or visit.