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Twos - Curriculum | Kid's Educational Center


You often hear about the “terrible twos,” but at Kids Educational Centers, we think that this age is quite wonderful! Two-year-olds are full of energy, are inquisitorial, and are focused on becoming more independent.

Our Twos Classroom bases its curriculum around the well-known fact that the majority of learning for two-year-olds takes place while playing. Play during this age is simultaneously your child’s full-time job and his hands-on education. Children get all the play and education their little hearts yearn for in our classroom setting. We also include daily outdoor play and activities, weather permitting.

What your two-year-old will learn at Kids Educational Center

We use the Learn Everyday curriculum for Twos. Your child will learn while enjoying activities that include:
  • Singing songs
  • Playing games
  • Creating art
  • Developing language and vocabulary skills
  • And much more
Kids Educational Centers - Two Year Olds

The classroom focuses heavily on self-help skills, which include but are not limited to toilet training and dressing themselves. At this age parents often hear — “No, I do it!” from their children, showing how important independence and learning at this age is. Children will also start to experience structured large-group activities.

Two-year-olds have a sense of independence and are filled with a high level of curiosity for the world around them. Our teachers work to build trust with both you and your child, while also providing a sense of security and warmth to the classroom that keeps your kid coming back.

Kids Education Center - Two's Classroom
Kids Education Center - Two's Classroom